Filming Locations in ďAll About EveĒ

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Have you ever wondered where all those memorable scenes in AAE happened? Or wanted to walk in the footsteps of Jang Dong-Gun, Chae Rim, and the other actors who portrayed the characters, but didnít know where to place your feet?† If so, use these pages as a guide to exploring the real-world locations that were the backdrops for the AAE story. Take your time as you learn a few facts about the filming locations and refresh fond memories of AAE. Enjoy your trip!

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Locations in England


Map from Google maps

(1) ††††††††† Cambridge City Locations

(1)†††††††††† Cambridge University Locations

(2) ††††††††† Greater London Area Locations

Locations in Korea


Map from CIA World Factbook


(1) ††††††††† Gyeonggi-do / Seoul Locations

(2)† †††††††† Daegu (Taegu) Locations

(3)† †††††††† Ulsan Locations

(1)(2)††††† MBC Facility Locations